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Not very customizable but gets the job done!

Kudos for such a gimmick free interface. I am not rating this app a 5 star because of two things: the numeric keyboard is somewhat cumbersome to get rid off and the split bar always reverts back to a split of one person after each use.

Great app

This app is very useful when I wonder how much tip I have to give when Im in a restaurant

Plain and Simple

Works great. Straight forward and simple with and interface thats business-like and NOT cute.

Love this app

I use this app all the time. It really takes the guess work out of splitting the tab. P. Quirino Calif.

Love it!

Its nice and easy to use. J.J From: NY.

Annoying notification

Stop asking me to turn on cellular data. This is a tip calculator, there is absolutely no reason a simple tip calculator needs to access cellular data. Its very annoying to pay for an ad free version of this app only to be pestered with a pop up telling me to allow cellular data when I open it. Ill change my review when they remove that.

Love this app

I was using the free version before and finally decided to pay $1 to get rid of the ads! I use this every time I eat out, so helpful and I recommend it to all of my friends!


Awesome and easy to use!!!


I like how easy it is to use this app.. Its great but would be better if it could breakdown the check total into subtotal and tax. The purist insist you only tip on the subtotal. In this case you have to mentally add the tax to the total and if you are splitting it, then divide...that kind of takes away the whole point of the calculator. When Im lazy I just put in the total (subtotal and tax) and the waiter is usually happier

Love it!

I use it all the time and love it. Its so handy and calculates different tip percentages.


Great app and very easy to use.

Love it!

Great app! Simple and easy to use! Very useful!

Great APP!!!

Use it every time we go out to eat!


Its my sole restaurant tip calculator

Tip Calculator

Just perfect. Saves a lot of time an effort. Great application. Please dont try to improve upon it!

Simple and effective!

Easy to use and gets the job done!


Best program of its kind that Ive used.


Use it all the time. Easy and quick.

Makes tipping easy!

Great app and a real time saver when dining out. Good features. Well done!


Love this app! No-frills and simply works.

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